Dumb Professionals Join World Financial Group

- September 1, 2016



On February 1, 2015, 15,000 dumb associates
of the dumb World System Builder team
of the dumb World Financial Group
gathered at the San Jose Convention Center
for a 3 day major conference.

At the end of the event, dozens of dumb professionals were paraded.

PhDs, doctors, dentists,
pharmacists, engineers, CPAs,
attorneys, MBAs, nurses,
sportscasters, anchormen
and many other dumb professionals
showed their dumb enthusiasm
for the dumb WFG Opportunity.
Many of these dumb professionals
were making $250,000 a year
to over $1 Million a year,
NOT in their DEGREED professional,
but in their NEW career of simply

Just before these dumb professionals appeared,
they featured testimony from dumb homemakers,
dumb bank employees and dumb immigrants
with no college degree, who also shared
their dumb enthusiasm for the dumb WFG Opportunity.
These dumb folks were making a dumb 6 figure income,
even $1,000,000 a year.
How dumb is that?
How do ordinary housewives and garage mechanics
make more than the average CEO in America ($140K)
in the WFG Opportunity??

This business is not only for dumb old people.
This business is pretty dumb for young people, too.
There was even a dumb 24 year old girl,
who rejected her acceptance to Med School 10 months ago,
and then went on to earn $250,000 in commissions
within 4 months, breaking all prior records.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty dumb too. I joined.
I’m a dumb WFG associate and a dumb team member
of the dumb World System Builder team.

If you want a fair chance to earn a dumb $250,000
to $1 million a year in your own business
with no boss and no quota,
and if you have at least $100
via a credit card to become an associate
and explore this dumb opportunity,
then I invite you to join*
right here and right now at this LINK:

By the way, my recruiter number is (contact me) 🙂

Once you join this dumb opportunity,
I will provide the dumb secrets
and the dumb steps of this dumb system
that will help you get on the fast path
to $250,000 in 6 months, more or less.
And I will assign you to the dumbest office
near you so that the best dumb associates
can train you and support you
as you go for your dumb dreams.

Just let me know that you joined
under my recruiter number ***** (PM me)
so that I can send you the information
to build your business fast and strong,
the World System Builder way.

Are you dumb enough to join?
Are you dumb enough to help yourself?
Are you dumb enough to help others?
Are you dumb enough to dream big?
Are you dumb enough to fight for your family?
Are you dumb enough to follow the system?

Then, I think you might be just dumb enough
to earn crazy money in this business
and secure a lasting legacy for you and your family.

Join me.
Believe in the system.
Work the system.
Give yourself time.
See you at the TOP!

* This dumb opportunity is limited to US and Canada residents only at this time. You can begin your career with WFG, quite simply. All you need to do is:

Complete a WFG Associate Membership Agreement
Meet WFG’s association qualifications
Pay an administrative fee of $100 (U.S.)/$125 (Canada)* WFG is not a franchise and does not charge any franchise fees. The company’s name and logo are available for you to use at no cost. You set your own goals and your own hours — you are in control of your business and your time. Not sure if WFG is right for you? Start part time**, while keeping the security of your existing job, to see if a WFG business is right for you. In order to sell the product and services offered by WFG, a WFG associate needs to become fully life-licensed which involves, but not limited to, expenses associated with exam materials, exam fees, registration fees, other educational cost and appointments with insurance companies.
*In Canada, applicable taxes (HST/GST) apply.
**A part-time opportunity is not available in all Canadian provinces.

God bless you!
God bless America!
God bless Canada!

Comments (35)

  • Military also Does recruiting! IF you work in any stores, They have recruiting that is called "hiring" (closed Friends/families). They get hired first than applications goes seconds.

    Amgielita - 24 months ago

  • After 27 years of making fun of AL William and all the off the off shoots I no longer talk bad of them. There is something to be said about people who are able to change their negative attitudes of life into positive ones. WFG may not be for you but the older brokers sre as skilled as any financial planner is anywhere. if you are in to building a team and becoming a positive leader then WFG is a good thing. One Billion will be Paid in Comissions in 2016 I think. That is not bad, on the street, right? Most firms are negitive in attitude and earnings Most agents think they are smart but end up in a Merrill Edge style call center after 3 years with brains but no clients. Many multi millionaire recruiting type agents look for a WFG type of program. Pershing is the cash management , stock platform. That is the same as 90% of the other bds. WFG is Aegon, a solid firm for some one who wants to be a leader in 12 weeks or less.

    The Bryceman - 29 months ago

  • These are just volunteers that brought more volunteers, or how much they got paid to lie, 100 miserable dollars to cover the enrolment or administration fees? or they just wanted to be on video. get it, got it? good.

    Roger Falcon - 31 months ago

  • I had Chinese immigrant with thick ass broken English I knew from previous work kept on harassing me to join this BS until I had enough and told her to fuck off. Whatever they claimed to be, I can tell that they are not doing so well or out of job with the real profession, people with right mind won't fall into MLM crap today. That's why most of them are immigrants with thick accent. It's sad if they're not lying their ass off.

    Sonny Bojango - 31 months ago

  • Dave thank you for posting this and I appreciate the sarcasm. I wonder if you would consider re-posting the video with a more straight-forward title like "Professionals Who Joined World Financial Group." It would make a good marketing tool. Thank you.

    Roland Nimis - 32 months ago

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